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1920-60s Hairstyles Photos Gallery 6

Pin Curls - Originating around the mid 30’s, think pin-up girls, and you get the idea. Pin curls are known sometimes as vintage/retro curls, when in reality, the style vintage curls or having the retro look dates back to 1920’s and only became a term on its own since it was defined by many as curls that have that refer to that ‘old twenties/fifties/sixties period look’. This look can be done with a hair iron, hair rollers, or by sleeping with pins in your hair over night.  The idea is to have less than more, not crazy amount of curls, but deep, loose ones.

The Beehive - is very similar to the bouffant; the beehive is all about the hair being stacked on top of the head. Can be seen on Audrey Hepburn, Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse, this style is bold and also takes a lot of hairspray, bobby pins, and the right amount of volume.

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Check out the pictures for these hairstyles, and if you need more information, feel free to search online more, or for more hair inspirations, surf through our other articles and photo galleries.

Bouffant - Instead of a full on bouffant, you could opt for a half-up one. Either way, this neat updo requires the sectioning of all the hair. Then you’d brush these sections in the appropriate directions, depending on where each section is, generally, each section should be fashioned towards the top back of the head, but whatever is desired, go for it. The sections that are on the outside of your crown of hair, the ones seen more, can be teased a bit to give the bouffant shape and less flat. This is a must for the front sections.

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How to create a 1960s beehive