When it comes to getting a haircut, there are 5 things you should know before getting a haircut. Knowing how often you should cut your hair will help determine how much maintenance you need to put into styling it. The right barber or stylist is essential; one who listens to your ideas and understands the look you are going for. As the saying goes, a good hairstyle begins with a clean slate, so make sure your hair is shampooed and detangled before going in. Asking plenty of questions while in the chair can also be helpful if you feel unsure or overwhelmed. You may also want to consider bringing several pictures of styles that inspire you; this way if words aren’t enough, there can still be plenty of visual references available during your appointment. Taking these simple steps can make all the difference when it comes to getting the haircut that brings out the best of you!

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1- Read online reviews of salons in your area

5 things you should know before getting a haircut

If you’re looking for a new salon or barber, the internet is your best friend. Reading reviews of salons in your area will give you an idea of what kind of customer service they offer and what their policies are before booking any appointments.

You want to make sure the person who does your hair is qualified. You can look for 5-star rated salons on Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook Pages, etc.

Some other things to consider when reading these online reviews:

One of the most notable differences between hair salons is their convenience.

– Does anyone mention if there’s sufficient availability with certain stylists?  This information could help narrow down which place is the best for you.

2- Consider if their prices seem reasonable

– make sure their prices are fair and worthwhile to what they offer in return, Avoid being taken advantage of by people who want more than a reasonable price for haircuts.

Make sure that whatever service or product someone provides, they do not charge an outrageous amount for it. If something seems too good to be true, then there might be some strings attached to this opportunity. The same goes for paying a high price but having low quality available to them.

It is important to choose your stylist based on their personality and how they make you feel. A good hairstylist will give off the vibe of being someone who knows what they are doing but also makes it clear that they care about their clientele’s well-being.

They should be able to listen and understand what you want from them while still giving constructive advice if needed. The key here is finding someone who has an appropriate balance between these two extremes or meeting in the middle for both parties involved.

3- Bring pictures of hairstyles that you like

You may not be able to find words on how exactly to describe what type of look or style that you want but bringing some photos from magazines or websites can help express what kind of cut or style you are looking for more clearly than just describing it verbally. (5 things you should know before getting a haircut)

If you’re not sure about what to do, ask! Your hairstylist is there to make you look good and feel confident so they should be happy to help with styling options or suggestions based on how much time you have.

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4- Your face shape

Pay close attention to the shape of your face before getting a haircut. Properly selecting the shape of your haircut goes a long way in how your hair will affect your face. It’s important to pick a shape that matches both your personal aesthetic and the overall tone you’re going to be trying to set with your hairstyle.

Round Face Shape: A long hairstyle with volume in front tends to look best for balancing out this face shape because it can soften sharp angles and make them more gentle looking. Haircuts typically include a chin-length angled bob with lots of volume and bangs.

Oval Face Shape: A oval face is great for one or two lengths, but layers are better than a blunt cut because it highlights the bone structure in your cheeks and jawbone.

For those who have a narrow forehead, an asymmetrical side part paired with long layers will help make it look wider.

Square Face Shape: This shape works best for someone who has a strong jawline as they can accentuate that characteristic by choosing to wear their hair short on most sides and longer in front (like Jessica Alba’s signature style). A square-shaped haircut also makes round faces appear softer.

Heart-shaped Face Shape: A haircut for this face shape should belong on the sides, but shorter in front and around the ears, this will help soften your jawline or make it less pronounced if needed.

Triangular Face Shape: Try a textured long bob haircut that is layered around the cheeks. This will soften your jaw line and help make it less pronounced.

How To Pick The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

5- Get the perfect cut that works with your lifestyle

To have hair that remains healthy, it is important to choose styles and cuts of hairstyles that work well with your daily activities.

For example, if you exercise often in high heat or humidity, consider going for an angled style like this one so cool air can easily flow through your locks when doing intense workouts. If you’re looking for something low maintenance yet elegant then try out some long layers.


After reading this blog post, you should have a much better understanding of what to expect and how to prepare before getting a haircut. By keeping these five things in mind, you can avoid any unwanted surprises and ensure that you walk out of the salon with the cut or style you wanted. So next time you’re due for a trim, remember these five tips and enjoy your new look!


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