Beehive hairstyles are quite popular nowadays. Women all over the world have a lot of different ways to wear their hair, but beehives seem to be especially attractive. Beehive haircuts can make any woman feel confident and beautiful, no matter what her age is. In this blog post, I will talk about some of the most popular types of beehive hairstyles and haircuts for women!

1. How to wear a beehive hairstyle

beehive hairstyles

– wear your hair straight down, parted in the middle of your head with a side part on one side

– tie the front section of hair into a ponytail and then push it up to create volume at the back

– if you want to add some height, separate off another small amount of hair from behind this bun and twist it around again before pushing it up

– use hairspray or wax for added height. It’s best not to brush through after spraying because this will flatten any beehive puffiness

2. The history of the beehive hairstyle

– The beehive was one of the most popular hairstyles in America from the late 1950s to the early 1960s

– It is believed that it was first worn by hairdresser Odile Gilbert on her client Brigitte Bardot at a photo shoot for Vogue.

– This style became iconic when singer and dancer Little Peggy March wore hers during performances of “I Will Follow Him” which she had written herself after being inspired by “The Young Ones”.

After seeing this, many other female singers followed suit and adopted the trend.

– Grace Kelly also helped catapult this hairstyle into fame as part of her role in Hitchcock’s film Rear Window (1954). He made sure that all his leading

3. Types of beehives – high, medium, low

– The high beehive is the most popular and recognizable of all, though it can be time-consuming to create a perfect one.

– It requires teasing hair into an upswept shape which is then held in place with bobby pins or spray. This method is better for those that have naturally straight hair as curly hair will not hold the style well and may require more attention to detail than others.

The low beehive has been out of fashion since the early 1960s but was often seen on older women while medium height styles are easiest to maintain even for young girls who want a ’60’s look without too much trouble.

4. Tips for styling your hair into a beehive style

– The beehive is perfect for creating volume on short hair and height in a style that defines the jaw line. Some people are even able to create them without using any styling products, simply by teasing their natural curls or waves into shape with some hairspray.

– When it comes to choosing what type of beehive hairstyle you want, think about whether your style suits longer hair (a high updo will make fuller-looking locks) or shorter styles (the low beehive can work well if you have layered lengths). If all else fails, experiment with different heights until you find one which suits you best.

5. What not to do with your hair if you want it in a beehive style


– Hang your head forward, as this will flatten the style.

– Use a lot of hairsprays; it can make hair look wet and greasy.

– Comb out all curls for maximum volume. Curls will help create texture in longer hairstyles while still giving you shape at the same time. If you want to tame unruly waves or tightly curled strands, try using a little mousse before styling into position with hairspray and pins. For shorter lengths, loosely curl sections of around an inch long with tongs then secure them with bobby pins – use lots! You may need up to 50 when creating updos on short locks

6. Different types of hairdos that can work well with a beehive haircut include:

– The French twist, which is easy to do and can be achieved with or without a curling iron. Simply tease hair at the crown of your head for more height then divide into three sections before twisting it tightly round in an anticlockwise direction until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure with bobby pins – preferably small ones

– A Dutch braided bun is another great idea as this includes two plants that are pinned to either side of your head just below chin level

– For shortcuts, try a sleek chignon but don’t forget to keep teasing at the root area so it doesn’t look too flat! Finish off by pulling some strands out around the face


The beehive hairstyles is a timeless look that many women love. In this blog post, I’ve talked about some of the most popular types of beehive haircuts and styles for women who want to give their hair an updated new look while still keeping it classic. If you are thinking about getting a new haircut but don’t know what type will suit your style best, make sure not to miss out on these great ideas!

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