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Wedding Hairstyles Half Up, Half Down

Half-Up and Down Hairstyles are a rage because they are modest yet sexy. This style can be achieved intons of ways, but hereare just a few Classic updo hairstyles best suitable in occasions like prom

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​​​Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Medium Hairstyles for weddings could look fantastic on you. With medium may want to grow their hair out longer or use extensions. If not, there are some ideas for those with medium hair that’ll be mentioned

Sophisticated Curly Updo:

is an updo that is classy and dashing. This hairstyle can be created by just combing all the hair neatly and tightly back, near the top of the head, and tied into a bun.

Any loose strands are curled into nice composed curls, which could be small curls or long ones.

For a softer version of this, leave small strands of hair framing or near your face.

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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Simple Short is another hairstyle for short haired people. It’s easily just curling every strand of hair into short beautiful waves. With short hair and wedding hairstyles, bangs make it even better

Thinking of getting married this year? Being in style means a lot to newlyweds so it is important to always be up to date on what is trendy right now. So here are some of the most popular African wedding hairstyles trends that you are most likely

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Romantic Textures Triple Overbraid

Three inverted braids are features in this design. They are formed with the stranded overbraid technique, but new sections of hair are added as you move down the braid. All three braids are joined at the center back and contribute to one final, larger braid. The hair lengths around the hairline can be left free to frame the face, as we’ve done here, or all the hair can be included in the braids. You can do this design on either damp hair or dry hair. Damp hair will produce a graphic design closer to the head, whereas dry hair will tend to look fuller or softer. 

1. Let the lengths of the hair framing the face along the hairline fall free; separate them with a free-form, zigzag parting. Section the remaining hair into     three areas. Here we have divided the side with a center a part and sectioned off the back with a parting from one ear to the other.

2. Begin to overbraid one of the side areas of hair. Separate a triangular section of hair at the front of the area and divide it into three equal-size                 
strands. Reach across to grasp the right strand. Cross it over the center strand, moving the right strand into the center position.

3. Grasp the left strand and cross it over the center strand so that the left strand moves into the center position. 

4. Pick up a section of hair from the area between the zigzag parting made in Step 1 and the braided area.

5. Reach across with your thumb and forefinger to grasp the new picked-up section along with the outside strand.

6.  Cross this new, combined strand over the center strand.

7. Pick up a section of similar size on the left, from the area between the center part and the braided area. Join it with the left strand and cross the             
combined strand over the center strand. 

8. Continue braiding down the center of the area. Pick up new sections of hair from both sides, combine them with the outside strands, and cross them     over the center.

9. Once you have picked up all the hair in the side area, continue overbraiding down the remaining lengths of hair. Clip the end of the braid to hold it         

10. Repeat Steps 2 through 9 on the other side, balancing the position of the braid with the one on the first side. Then over braid the back area, adding sections as you go along, until you reach the location where you want the three braids to connect.

11. Create three strands using all the braided hair. For the first strand, add the left strand from the center back braid to all three strands of the left braid. The center strand of the center back braid is the second strand. The third strand consists of the right strand from the center back braid and all three strands of the right side braid. 

12. Continue the braid by crossing the combined left strand over the center strand. Consistent tension is very important during the process. Continue overbraiding down the length of the strand. Secure the ends with a coated or decorated band. To spiral-wrap the ends with gold cord

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