Sleek and Festive Two-Strand Overlap and Four-Strand Round Braid

In this glamorous design, each side is done in a two strand overlap and the two sides are joined in a four-strand round braid. The four-strand round braid is an unusual braid variation that creates a distinctive chain pattern. Since there are four strands to control, this braid tends to be a little more difficult than a three-strand braid, but if you think about the path of the strands, it’s not too hard. Outside strands travel under two strands and back over one. Once you become familiar with this round braid, you can experiment with it and position it anywhere. 

1.    Section the front area from the back with a parting that extends across the top of the head from ear to ear. Clip the front area out of your way. 

2.    Part the remaining hair down the center back of the head. Clip one side to keep it out of the way while you work on the other side.

3.    Pick up a triangular section of hair at the point where the two parts meet and divide it into two strands. Cross the right strand over the left.

4.    Pick up additional hair from the scalp on the left side of the two strands.

5.    Cross this picked-up section over to the right side of the crossed strands and join it with the strand in your right hand. 

6.    Pick up additional hair from the scalp on the right side. 

7.    Cross this picked-up section over and add it to the strand in your left hand.

8.    Repeat this left-over-right and right-over-left overlap all the way down this side of the head. 

9.    Remember to run your hands down the lengths of hair to smooth and untangle the strands before overlapping them.

10.    Continue until you have picked up all the hair on the first side. Clip the strands to hold them in place while you repeat the procedure on the other side. 

11.    You now have four strands—two from each side. You will use these strands to create a four-strand round braid. Begin by crossing the two center strands.

12.    Grasp the outside left strand and direct it under the two center strands. 

13.    Then direct that same strand back over the last strand it went under.
14.    Now grasp the outside right strand and move it under the two center strands and back over the last strand it went under.

15.    Continue braiding the four strands. Outside strands go under two and back over one. When you reach the ends, secure them with a coated band. Tuck the finished braid under and pin. 

16.    Release the top hair and brush it smoothly upward. Hold the ends and fold the, under. 

17.    Roll the hair down toward the scalp and pin to secure the roll. 

18.    Make sure the size of the roll balances the total design. Adjust the size of the roll by tucking it tighter or expanding.

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