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Have you got any girls hairstyles ideas for the New Year? Here are the latest celebrity hairstyles pictures, Hair styles photos gallery. A look at the new styles and hair & tips

Feather Waterfall & Ladder Braid Combo Cute 2-in-1 Hairstyles

Exotica Multiple Under braids

This basic design, often called “corn-rows,” consists of many narrow underbraids positioned along the scalp. A variety of patterns can be formed. This particular pattern begins with vertical braids in the lower back of the head. To design the braids on the top part of the head, a single braid is positioned off-center from the front hairline to the completed back section. The remaining braids radiate from the front of this braid to the lower back.

1.    Isolate the lower back section of hair by securing the top and side lengths out of your way. Subdivide this section into vertical panels. You will be braiding each panel using a three-strand underbraid technique.

2.    Divide one section into three equal-size strands. With your right hand, reach under the center strand, grasp the left strand, and cross it under the center strand. The left strand is now in the center position.

3.    Now reach under the center strand with your left hand, grasp the right strand, and direct it into the center position.

4.    Use your thumb and forefinger to pick up hair from the right half of the section. Join this picked-up hair to the right strand and bring it under the center. Continue adding hair from along the scalp as you braid. 

5.    Maintain tension on the braid by keeping your hands close to the head. Duplicating the hand position shown makes this easy to do.

6.    To keep the braid centered within the panel, try to pick up the same amount of hair on each side of the braid.

7.    After you have picked up all the hair from the scalp, continue to underbraid the free ends. An easy way to do these tiny braids is first to grasp the center with your thumb and forefinger and secure the outside strand between your little finger and ring finger. 

8.    Then turn your palm upward. This automatically swings the outside strand, which is secured by your little finger, under and into the center. Then grasp this new center strand with the opposite hand and turn the hand upward. Repeat the procedure to the end.

9.    You can secure the ends in many ways. Here they have been sewn with a decorative thread. To do this, thread the needle and knot the two ends together. Wrap the thread around the hair ends and insert the needle through the loop of the thread.
10.    Pull to tighten the thread around the hair.

11.    Sew through the loop several times. Repeat until the ends are secure.

12.    Clean partings between the braids are important not only to the looks of the design but also for personal comfort. Stray hairs braided into the wrong section can hurt. They can cause breakage, too, if the tension on the hair is great.

Hairstyles for little girls can range from being fun to really the sophisticated girls; and parents can have a fun time trying out these at home! If you are looking out hairstyles for little girls that easy to sport than take a peek at the latest hairstyle.

Long haircuts would be the hardest to maintain but it is the right cut for those who want to experiment a lot with the hair. The problem with long hair is that it tends to frizzle and get entangled easier if not taken care of properly. A good thing with long hair is that you can sport hairstyles like the medium cuts but with more flare into it. You can try doing a braid and twirling around into a bun. You can do all sorts of braiding and plait techniques just by twirling, parting, curving it around to the side or head and tying.

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