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Most women with long hair desire to refashion their hairdo to a medium hairstyle as New Year arrives because of those reasons and plus it isn't too long or short; just right at shoulder length. The secret in having a medium haircut is to choose the right length for the shape of your face and your hair type. Medium length hair naturally suits different face shapes since there isn't too much hair to overwhelm one's features but just enough to lend them definition.

The medium hairstyle is usually considered to be that one that sits on or just above the shoulder. This haircut is one of the most popular among teens, young women and even middle aged women. The medium length hair is one that has the widest range of style to choose from to compliment any face. It is equally important to know your face shape for choosing the most flattering hairstyle.​

Medium hairstyles amazingly have its advantages with experimenting on short and long, It is an exceptional fusion of the long and the short. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with your medium hair. At that length, there are a multitude of options to select from. A mid hair length is perfect because there are so many unique ways you can construct it.

actresses like Emma Stone, Lily Collins and Jennifer Anniston. Wavy tresses can be achieved through a well layered cut, but doesn't have to be, the key is getting enough texture in your hair. If your hair is naturally wavy, even better, if not, perhaps add a bit of hair spray or product to give it an extra shine and wave when you go out. The wavy tresses in this hairstyle are usually relaxed and loose, but more defined waves are just as gorgeous.

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Best Hair Styles For Your Face Shape - And How To Find Your Face Shape

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Now, before picking out a medium hairstyle, remember to consider these three factors:
1. Your Face Shape
2. Your hair type/texture
3. Facial features you hate and like

Wavy Tresses

This medium hairstyle has proven to be simple yet insanely stylish. This look is most notable on fashionista Alexa Chung and has spread to

Tips For Today

If you have a long and thin face, then you should probably give the long straight hair look. You should also do a bit of research before jumping into any conclusion. Some of the most desired hairdos for medium tresses are bangs, sleek, curly, bob and straight cuts. After recently growing their hair back from the previous short do, their hair would have to confront medium before long or to be cut again to short. You would be lucky if you have short hair now since medium length hair is the next transition phase

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