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Side-Swept Pixie Tips

is pretty self-explanatory It’s a pixie where a part of your hair is swept to the side, which is pretty normal in a pixie cut. It’s cute, neat and professional with or would  style look good on you

short hair trends for summer
Side Swept Pixie Hairstyles

Sensational Short Hair for Long Faces

Find the latest sensational short hairstyles for long faces that work for you. The secret is finding the right cut for your face shape and hair texture. Something to be said

New Short Hairstyles 2019, Best Haircuts for Women

Long hairstyles are nice too but can take up a lot of time to fashion and maintain because of the amount of hair long cuts possess. Medium hairstyles aren’t as difficult as long ones but can still cause complications if, as mentioned before, you are always on the move. Those of you moms

cute short bob hairstyles

Cute Short Bob Hairstyles, Hairstyles 2019 

can accentuate, balance a person’s face shape because of the extra long hair to the side. For a more voluminous look, people also add waves, tresses, and curls

Chic Short Haircuts, Short Hairstyles 2019 

This style requires a more layered, almost choppy cut, which makes the look edgy. The back of the hair is cut short and the asymmetrical cut in the front frames the face nicely

Infamous Faux Hawk
This style screams punk, rebel, and a care-free attitude. To get this look, the sides of your hair have to be almost shaved off, or at least, not that present. The long part of your hair can be layered a bit. If you want to add color or

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new short hairstyles-6

don’t have the limitless amount of time to make your hair attractive if you have young children to watch over or if you have a job that requires you to wake up early to go straight to work. 

The reason why short hair is favorable because of how easy it is to take care of, it isn’t much of a burden and regardless of the situation, remains fashionably sleek and mature. Who wouldn’t want a hairstyle like that? If you have never worn a short hairstyle before or have and want a new one, this could be the moment that can help you decide! With the short trendy hairstyles here, anything is possible. 

Firstly, before choosing a short hairstyle, you must consider many factors such as face shape, your features and especially personality. Many times women complain that they don’t like their hairstyle because it makes their face look funny or brings attention to something they aren’t so fond of. Well, that’s the consequence of not selecting wisely. Sure, you see the celebrities or someone admirable sporting a fantastic short do, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good on you. 

Ultimately, you have to decide on a glamorous hairstyle that suits your face and everyday living. There are numerous types of short hairstyles to choose from and I’m pretty sure, there is one exactly right for you! For those with curly hair, be extra careful when choosing a short hairstyle because once cut, the hair will tend to frizzle up. Advice for curly haired people: make sure the short hairstyle is cut past the chin. So another factor to consider is hair texture. If your hair texture is wavy or straight, most short hairdos will work. If you have high cheekbones, it is highly recommended to try a short hairstyle. 

You can finally select a short hairstyle once you understand the variables of how to pick one. Asking professionals, friends and family members helps but remember, in the end it’s your decision. Check out new short hairstyles pictures for 2019.

The Pixie Cut: is still going to go strong. It is probably the shortest cut there is, the length reaching to the ear and never the chin. This cut shows the full shape of your face, revealing all of the features. Pixie styles include: pixie cut with an elongated nape, putting off a gentle, modest vibe, asymmetrical with layers and natural looking spikes because of the cut or gel, creates a sassy yet classy appearance. Celebrities that have sported this look are Emma Watson, Katie Holmes and Halle Berry.

The Choppy-Messy Layered Cut: has risen to popularity. This style can be cut at any length, at the most to the bottom of your neck. A good thing about the choppy/messy layered cut is that even a quick brush of the hand will keep the hair looking beautiful and bold. Celebrities that have sported this look are Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Hudson, and Taylor Momsen. 

The Bob: is always the one short hairstyle that’s in, no matter the season. A bob’s length is cut usually from the chin to somewhere in the middle of the neck. For a more voluminous look, people add layers, waves, curls or even try teasing it. Often, people decide on a side-swept or straight down bangs. To emphasize face shape, some people choose a layered or asymmetrical bob. Another bob is the demi-bob, but that falls into the medium length-category. Celebrities that have sported this look are Keira Knightley, Ashley Greene.

The Boy Cut: is also a really short hairstyle that yes, resembles to a boy’s. This cut is becoming widely popular because of its simplicity that shows off the facial features as in the eyes, cheekbones or a bright smile. The main difference between a pixie cut and this cut is it is more boyish looking, hence the name. Celebrities that have sported this look are Pink, Carey Mulligan.

The Blunt Cut: A sound strange but is a real hairstyle. It can be any length but to keep it short, make sure you cut from just below your ear to either just barely to the bottom of your neck at the most. The blunt cut is usually perfectly straight down with straight bangs on your forehead. There doesn’t have to be bangs but most women who have this style have bangs framing the forehead. If you have think or curly hair, avoid blunt cuts just in case.

To make these short hairstyles or any other more unique or fitted to your personality, you can try dying your hair a different color, getting highlights, using gel for a tousled look, clipping hair accessories and using a curler to get thick or thin soft curls for an occasion. Other popular short hairstyle ideas are doing geometric or razored angles on the hair to make it more chic. Additional short hairstyles are layered, faux hawk, cropped cut and the shagged curly look. There are endless ideas for new short hairstyles 2019.

totally cute pixie haircuts
​Perfect Pixie Hairstyles
cute short bob hairstyles
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The Razor Haircut

Super Chic Short Hairstyles 2019 

Short Hairstyles Draw lots of attention. They’re unique and different, but do require some care. Be careful though, angled and fringed styles are difficult to maintain

The Infamous Faux Hawk
Easy Short Layered Hairstyles

The Razor Haircut
It’s edgy and completely bold! The razor cut fringes and angled are for those that are willing to make a fashion statement. The highlights on the bangs stand out and are quite quirky. Be careful with any angled hairstyle because

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Really Cute Short Haircuts 2019, Haircuts for Women

this crop is way shorter and curlier. With or without the autumn highlights or any really, and this cut, simply 
getting out of the shower and a quick dry or tousle could do the trick

Sensational Short Hair for Long Faces

Perfect Pixie
This style is neat and adorable. Worn by celebrities like Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams, this look is simple yet elegant. This suits all faces, but if you have a round or square face, make sure to get bangs or hair to frame

Sophisticated Hairstyles
The name says it all. To get this look, the length of your hair has to be a bit before the chin and some bangs is even better. The trick here is to turn your locks into loose soft curls and to comb the fronts of your hair back

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Totally Cute Pixie Haircut 2019

will forever and always be the shortest and most classic of all short hairstyles. It could be sexy, slick or sweet depending on how you 
cut it.

Short Hair Trends for Summer 2019

What’s hot and what’s not, now that is the question. The heat and humidity is awful as it is every year and people are struggling to find new ways to keep cool. Why not try out one

new short hairstyles

It’s the start of a bright New Year and we have finally reached the time of need for a fresh hairdo. Overall, most women prefer new short haircuts because not only is it stylish, sophisticated, but beneficial for those that don’t have the luxury of time and are constantly on the move

Sophisticated Hairstyles
Chic Short Haircuts

Easy Short, Layered Hairstyles 2019 

This style is neat and adorable. Worn by celebrities like Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams, this look is simple yet elegant. This suits all faces, but if you

Super Chic Short Hairstyles