Determining the most flattering hairstyle can feel like an impossible task when you have a square face shape. The contrast between your hairline, jawline, and cheekbones creates a boxy silhouette that needs softening. While square jaws have come to be considered powerful, I know firsthand the struggle of wanting a hairstyle that flatters your features and makes you feel confident.

Through trial and error over many years, I’ve identified hairstyles that help balance out a square face’s edges. In this post, I’ll share the top haircuts and styles recommended by stylists that will make the most of your face’s natural structure in 2024. I hope that after reading this, you’ll have some fresh styling inspiration to walk out feeling like your best self.

1. Short and curly hairstyles for square face shapes

Short square-faced women can wear short hairstyles best. They shouldn’t have full-length; heavy curls or waves because these will draw attention to the square shape of their faces.

square face shape hairstyles female

Keep your square-shaped head covered up with a blunt cut that is angled around the face in the same direction as your jawline.

If you want bangs, keep them across the forehead rather than down past the eyebrows on either side of your nose. Blunt cuts are better for square-faced people but if you have long enough locks then you can try curling some under at both sides before blowing dry it to achieve an extra tousled look which balances out a stronger jawline (the upper part of her square face).

2. Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Women with a Square Face Shape

Pixie Cut hairstyle is the best option for square face shape female who wants a short haircut. The squareness of your face will be softened by these cute, even shorter hairstyles that frame your natural highlights and facial features beautifully. You can wear this style with long bangs or side-swept bangs as well which are both very flattering to square-shaped faces. This cut also has slightly longer hair on top so you can push it back from your forehead to draw attention away from some of the squareness near your cheeks and chin area.

3. Layered Haircuts for Women with a Square Face Shape

Layered haircuts are an excellent choice for square face shape women because layers break up the squareness of features. These types of hairstyles often cover one side or both sides to avoid straight lines and angles, making them more flattering on square-shaped faces. Haircuts can be layered all over to create a softer look in general, but it is especially important when you have square-shaped hair below your jawline as this area has harsh angles that will make square face shapes appear even more angular.


4. Haircuts for square face shapes

This square face shape is a little trickier, but the best hairstyles for square faces are still achievable. You can go with short haircuts that will help to soften your facial features and make them appear more feminine. If you’re trying to achieve an edgy look try messy styles like choppy bobs or asymmetrical cuts which show off some personality!

5. Styling tips for square faces

What square face shape are you? The square-shaped facial features can be both a blessing and a curse. It is quite difficult to find the best hairstyles for square faces that suit your personality, lifestyle, and preference. However, today we will share with you some tips on how to style your hair to bring out the beauty of your square-shaped head. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The first tip: keep it natural and simple

For those who want their most flattering look, all they need do is put up their hair into an easy ponytail or bun each day – this keeps things simple yet elegant at the same time.

Tip number two: add volume by teasing the roots

Your square-shaped hair will tend to fall flat if you don’t add any volume, and this is where teasing comes in. Teasing your square face shape hairstyles’ female roots can bring out the best of your natural curls or waves by creating much-needed volume.

Tip number three: go for a graduated length cut

If you are looking for square face shape hairstyles female that won’t need too many styling tricks then opting for one with a graduated length could be just what you need. A gradated cut gives the illusion of fuller hair all around, which enhances an already flattering feature on square faces!

The final tip: choose wispy bangs instead of heavy ones

Bangs may seem like they just add the squareness to your square face, but they can balance and soften it. Choose a wispy bang rather than full ones that emphasize square-shaped features with their blackness.

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6. Hairstyles to avoid if you have a square-shaped face

There are a few hairstyles that square-faced women should avoid when it comes to their hair. These styles include side ponytails, buns on the crown of their head, and any style in which they have pulled up or back too much of their hair. Sure these can be cute for other face shapes but square faces generally need loose curls or waves with longer bangs to soften the angles of this shape!

Avoid square face haircuts like razor cuts as well because these will reveal facial features more than others would. Style your long locks into a soft layered pixie or bob cut if you’re seeking an easy way out from all those hard styling decisions every single day. You don’t want to walk around looking unkempt and square-faced at the same time.

7. Shaggy Haircuts for Square Faces

Shaggy haircuts also work well for square faces because they are heavy on volume so they can be styled up to create more height at the top of your head without adding too much bulk elsewhere around your hairline. If you have fine hair then avoid shags as this will make strands appear even thinner since there’s less texture added when styling this cut.

Square Face Shape Hairstyles Female – Best Haircuts for 2022

8. How to style your hair in the morning with a Square Face Shape

The following is a list of quick and easy hairstyle ideas that will be perfect for women with a Square Face Shape. It’s important to keep in mind the angles, widths, and lengths of your facial features when deciding on what haircut or style you would like. Styles that are close-fitting at the back but have volume towards the front will help balance out any wider areas such as your forehead or jawline, The key is to find styles that give some definition without drawing too much attention away from those specific areas.

9. Medium length hairstyles for square face shapes

– The square face shape is versatile, and this means the square style can be worn in a variety of different lengths.

Medium-length hairstyles for square faces are great because these styles tend to add width with their height.

In addition, medium haircuts will help show off your jawline if you have one which is another plus point for square-shaped faces!

If you want something that’s going to bring out those cheekbones even more then opt for long hair – it’ll draw attention to them instantly!.

For example, Gwyneth Paltrow has amazing cheekbones so by adding some long layers into her haircut she draws all the focus right on top of them! Try experimenting with an angled cut or braid around the square shape of your face to bring out those cheekbones and give the square face a little bit more oomph!.

Best Hair Styles For Your Face Shape – And How To Find Your Face Shape

Conclusion paragraph

As we conclude our discussion on the best 2024 hairstyles for square face shapes, we hope you are feeling inspired and ready to try out some new looks. Whether you prefer a shorter cut or want to keep your locks long and flowing, there are plenty of options that will complement and enhance your facial features. Remember, it’s all about finding the right balance and creating angles that soften the edges of your square face shape.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and consult with a trusted hairstylist for their expert advice. With these top haircuts for square face shapes in mind, you can confidently step into the future looking stylish and confident. So go ahead, embrace your beautiful angular face and let your hair be the perfect accessory to showcase it!

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