One of the most popular vintage hairstyles is the “Updo.” Do you feel like your hair is getting boring and could use some flair? If so, we have the perfect hairstyles for you! This guide will introduce retro hairstyles that are easy to achieve. We will also talk about vintage haircuts with a focus on how they differ from modern cuts.

1. How to style your hair with a vintage side part

This hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a vintage look without much effort. It will take you about five minutes or less! The first thing that you need to do is roll your hair back and pin it with bobby pins so that there’s no volume on the sides of your head, which gives off an old-fashioned vibe.

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Next, create some waves by brushing through damp hair starting from the roots. This step will make sure that all of the curls are uniformed in size and shape and not too tight around the crown area.

Lastly, tuck away any stray pieces under one side of your pinned-up hair using more bobby pins if necessary. You can then release your bun after teasing out strands at the top layer

2. The best way to achieve a retro look with curls is to use a curling iron.

– Curl hair in sections, not all at once

– Use your fingers or the wide barrel of the curling iron and wrap hair around it as you go

– Start about an inch away from your scalp and curl outward

– Continue until curls are complete along the entire length of a sectioned off piece of hair (top wedding hairstyles)

The best way to achieve a vintage look is by using old-school techniques with new school products. This will give you that retro ‘50s vibe without feeling dated! Here’s how: – Apply setting lotion liberally throughout damp locks before drying out completely – Stretch up into a high ponytail for maximum height – don’t worry if there’s some  frizz – Twist hair in two sections, one on either side of the head

– Wrap each section around a finger and pull tightly to create large bouncy waves

– Spray with hairspray for extra hold. A few more hand movements will make it look even better! To achieve vintage curls you can use a flexible rod or curl your locks into long tight ringlets using an outdated curling iron that hasn’t been used since the ’60s. It’s time to break out those oldies but goodies!

3. Retro Hair Extensions

Retro hair extensions are the hottest trend in vintage hairstyles. When it comes to choosing a set of retro hair extensions, there is one important question you need to ask yourself: what color would suit my personality?

If you’re not sure which color fits your style best, consider taking inspiration from some of our favorite 1920s and 1930s actresses such as Clara Bow or Jean Harlow. Both these women were known for their platinum blonde locks that contrasted brilliantly against all-black outfits! If this doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, then don’t worry; we have plenty more styles available!

4. Vintage Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is a great way to take advantage of vintage hairstyles, as most styles work well with short cuts. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, try out the following retro style: French Braid + Curl.

It’s simple enough that it can be done in minutes before heading out – though make sure your bobby pins are on-hand! To achieve this look, divide your hair into two sections at the top of your head. Then French braid one section while leaving the other unbraided.

When finished braiding both pieces together and then curl them with an iron or curling wand, depending on how tight you want the curls to be. You can also opt for a looser wave if desired


In this article, we’ve explored vintage hairstyles with a focus on how they differ from modern cuts. Now that you know the difference between retro and modern styles, try out these easy-to-achieve looks for yourself! These timeless haircuts are sure to make your hair feel fresh again.

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