The latest wedding hairstyles for long hair 2023 are always in style, and they can help you look like a princess on your big day! But what if you have frizzy or unmanageable tresses that need extra care? We have some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly. wedding hairstyle ideas for those with long hair

Half up updo

wedding hairstyles for long hair

a wedding hairstyle for long-haired brides that is perfect if you want to show off your beautiful hair without having too much of it in the way.

Braided updo

Braids are always chic, and they work well with really long locks! can also be pulled into an updo so all of those gorgeous waves will stay put together on top of your head while still looking soft and romantic.

Top knot

This wedding hairstyle idea works best with shorter cuts but doesn’t fret because there’s plenty of ways to make an updo out of longer hair when you have enough length! Pulling back some strands from either side creates a bun look at the crown or neck area — one that’s truly perfect for those gorgeous wedding pictures.

Half up pony

To achieve this look, pull half of your hair back away from the face and pin it into a low bun or high ponytail. The other side can be left down in loose waves which will frame the updo beautifully!

Fishtail braid

The latest fishtail braid is an edgy and modern hairstyle that can be gathered, twisted onto the head, or left unfussed. The amount of hair you grab from each side as your braiding will determine how dramatic a look it creates; looser pieces make for more casual looks while tighter ones are sharper in appearance with their voluminous texture at center stage.

The Bun with Curls

is a contemporary hairstyle that works for any occasion. It’s perfect for the wedding day and looks just as chic in the office or out on date night.

-Instructions: For this look, start by loosely pulling hair from your face, and then gather it into a low ponytail at the back of your head (looser than when you would wear it to work). Twist hair around itself until all the hair has been gathered up. Use bobby pins to secure the place if necessary – try not tucking them too close to the scalp so they’re easier to remove later!

Braids and Loose Waves

Is it another popular wedding hairstyle for long-haired brides? Braiding the front sections of your hair, either in classic fishtail braids or draping them to one side can make a bride look effortlessly chic on her special day. The rest of your locks can be left down as is, pulled back into a low bun with some bobby pins, or tousled loosely to create an undone feel

The beauty of these hairstyles is that they suit any time of day so you don’t have to worry about perfecting it too early before all the fun starts! If you’re not feeling like wearing your natural texture but still want something voluminous on top, try putting curlers in your hair the night before.

Updo Wedding Hairstyles

An updo is a style that can be either formal or casual. It’s one of the most classic wedding styles, and it works for any length. If you have long hair, there are plenty of ways to show off your locks on your special day without sacrificing comfort:

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French twist

This timeless hairstyle starts with some loose waves at the crown and is then twisted up into an elegant knot in the back. A braid can also work well if you’re looking for something less traditional

Braided bun

Start by braiding sections from both sides before twisting them together and securing the end with pins closer to the nape of your neck


Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2023: find the perfect style! Whether you have an elaborate veil or just want to rock some wedding hair, there are always going to be styles that work well with your features. Just think about how amazing it’ll look on the wedding night


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