It’s never too early to think about how your son will look. With so many cute boy haircuts and hairstyles out there, it can be hard to pick one for your little guy. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best boys hairstyles 2021, and haircuts that are sure to make you smile!

boys trendy haircuts

The Buzz Cut

If your little guy needs a new haircut, check out the Buzz Cut. This boy’s hairstyle typically consists of short hair all around with some shorter on the sides and back while longer at the top. A good look for any age!

The Crew Cut

This style looks great on boys because it’s not too long or too short but just right to keep their heads warm during winter months. It’s also easy to manage this cut so you don’t have to worry about him running off into the unknown after he gets bored sitting still for you.

The Spiky Hairstyle

If your little guy is all about experimenting with his look, a Spiky Hairstyle might be perfect for him. This boy’s haircut works best on straight hair or wavy hair that can hold its shape well and looks great when styled up high, down low, front to back-you name it!

boys trendy haircuts

The Side Sweep

This boy’s haircut is not as popular with boys because it’s typically worn by girls but it can work well for a little guy. This hairstyle will need to be cut shorter in the back and sides while longer on top, so make sure he’s ok if you want this look!

– One of the main reasons why mommies love spiky hairstyles is because they’re easy to style up or down depending on what your little boy wants at any given moment. They also have enough length that he won’t get bored sitting still like with some styles

– A side sweep might seem more unpopular than most people would consider wearing, but many moms are finding out that

The Comb Down

This boy’s haircut is a little more traditional. Comb-down hairstyles differ from other styles because they are brushed or combed down to hide the hair on top of their heads and will need to be cut shorter in the back and sides while longer on them.

This can work for boys who have thicker, curly locks that want a style without too much fuss as well!

– One major pro of this cut is that it looks good with all types of face shapes, which is why moms love it so much when picking out cuts for their kids.

– Much like side sweeps, these tresses also require less time sitting still than some others. They’re often styled straight across or parted at one side –

The short boy haircut: Short hair is a great option for little guys because it’s easy to maintain. Plus, if your son doesn’t like the shorter hairstyle he can always grow his hair back out!

boys haircuts short

The medium boy haircut

This cut leaves enough room in between the ears and the collar of their shirt that they don’t have to worry about troublesome cowlicks.

The long boy haircut

A great option for parents who want their son’s hair longer but still in a neat, stylish cut! It can be styled by just running your fingers through it and you’ll look like the coolest dad on the block!

These are just a few of our favorite boy haircuts that will make him stand out from all other boys his age. So what are you waiting for? Check out our latest photo gallery and give your little guy a perfect hairstyle!”

little boy haircuts for straight hair


We understand that it can be hard to find the perfect boys hairstyles 2021 for your little guy. But don’t worry- we’ve got you covered! Check out this list of some of the best boys haircuts and plus a few ideas on how they might look with different hair textures. more pictures >>


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