If you’re looking for a best bob haircut for 2021, then we have the perfect ideas for you! In this post, we’ll discuss the best short bob hairstyles with layers on our hair. We’ll also provide a list of some of the most popular short bobs currently in fashion and how to style them properly so that your new cut looks

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What is the most popular bob haircut?

Best Bob Hairstyles

Many short bob hairstyles with layers are popular. These include a layered short bob with long bangs; this type of topknot has been worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gabrielle Union, and Zoe Kravitz as well as social media influencers such as Emily McClure.

Layered Short Bob

The layered short bob hairstyle is very popular right now. It’s a classic haircut that looks chic with any hair type and can be easily styled in different ways for versatile day-to-night looks depending on your mood. Unlike the blunt or even cut bobs, this style has some length to it so you will need less

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Angled Bob Haircut

The angled bob is a shortcut with long bangs. It’s different from the stacked bob because it has shorter layers and less volume at the top of your hair so you will need to use a product for this style as well, usually, styling wax or pomade on damp hair, This type of layered bob haircut for 2021 looks great on any face


Bob hairstyles are back and we can see why

Best celebrity bob photos for inspiration for your new haircut! find out which type of bangs will suit your face shape, short bob with bangs, medium length layered

Thinking of switching your pixie for one of the sophisticated layered bob?

Choppy Lobs

Are short cropped hairstyles that give you a tomboyish look? It’s very versatile with different lengths and styling options as well. You can do anything from straightening your hair to wear it wavy or curly, depending on the mood you’re in for any given day

Graduated Bob Haircuts

Are short and long hairstyles that have a gradual change in lengths. The difference is usually about six inches, but it can be shorter or longer depending on your preference.

The graduated bob haircut will give you the option of being able to wear your hair up with some length for volume as well as wearing it down if

Asymmetrical Cut Bobs

An asymmetrical cut bob is a short bob haircut with an uneven hairline. This particular style has been seen on celebrities and models.

Textured Chin-Length Cuts

This year’s bangs are short and textured. A modern take on the traditional bob, these cuts offer an updated look for women who want to keep their hair manageable but still enjoy a little movement in it.

– The chin-length bob starts just below the ears with a gradually tapered neckline that frames your jawline softly and offers

Stacked Bob Haircut

The stacked bob haircut is a short bob hairstyle with layers. Layers are easy to manage and great for volume, while the chopped ends give this cut some edge

What is a Classic Bob Haircut?

– A classic bob haircut is a short hairstyle that has a chin-length cut.

– This type of haircut can be styled in many ways and looks good with or without layers, bangs, curls, etc.

How to Style your Short Bob Haircut?

– To achieve this look at first you need to get your hair into an asymmetrical bob haircut.

– This hairstyle will need to be cut at the neck but can come in a variety of different lengths and shapes depending on your preference.

– If you would like some layers or curls, that is also possible with this type of short haircut as it provides versatility for styling options.

– Here are some examples:

Short Bob Haircuts With Layers (Click here)

Curly Short Bob Hairstyles (Click here)

Shaggy Bobs For Women (Click here)

Bob Haircut With Bangs Ideas And Styles ( Click here )

What is a modern short bob? 

A modern short bob has been cut shorter than an asymmetric one so there isn’t quite as much contrast between the short lengths and the longer fringe.

This is another option for someone who doesn’t want a dramatic cut but still wants to be able to style their hair in different ways, such as by adding some curl or texture with heat styling tools.

An A-line bob haircut falls somewhere in between these two options too:

One Length Bob

The One Length Bob is similar to the short bob, but it has one length throughout. This haircut may be long or short depending on your preference and hair type.

This hairstyle features lots of layers at different lengths for added texture and movement. You can achieve a wavy look with just a few waves by dampening your curls

Inverted Textured Bob

An inverted textured bob is a short haircut that features layers as well. The difference with this cut, however, is that the hair slants in an upside-down triangle shape from your nape to just below your jawline on one side and then it gradually turns outward for more volume on top

Now that you know all the best bob haircuts, it’s time to find your perfect length.


Check out our list below to find some popular styles from celebrities. We also include how-to videos on how to style these cuts so they’ll look great no matter what day of the week it is! Which celebrity do you think has had the best bob haircut for 2021? What are your thoughts about these short bobs?


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