I do: two words that will change your life forever. Because of how important this occasion is, everything has to go right.

Your wedding day is supposed to be unforgettable, a day to hold onto for the rest of your life. In the midst of worrying about venues and the guest, you have to worry about your appearance

best wedding hairstyles for women

Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, or a guest

if you’re looking for the perfect best wedding hairstyles for 2021, you just might be in luck, There are tons of hairstyle cuts and updos to pick from! Before choosing a hairstyle though, be sure to consider these factors: your face shape, hair texture, personality, and dress,

It would be disastrous for you to choose a hairstyle for such a special day and for it to turn into a mess! To avoid such a mistake, here are some steps that have been recommended over the years,

1- Start planning months ahead and with a reliable professional on some hairstyle choices. Try to brainstorm and start talking with trusted family members or friends.

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2- Know your face shape so you won’t select a style that brings attention to facial features you don’t like. Rather choose a hairdo that’ll bring out the best in you.

3- Know your hair texture, something your hairstylist can help you with. Hair texture determines what wedding hairstyles will suit best and hold together.

4- Consider how your dress looks like. Your hairstyle should accentuate the outfit. If your dress is extravagant, go with a simple but elegant do. No need to draw any more attention; let the spectators be in awe at one thing. If it’s the opposite, and your dress is gorgeous, but plain, make your hairstyle stand out! Add accessories, braids, or go for an updo with flowers for example. It all depends on what you’re wearing.

latest updo hairstyles

5- Finally, the easiest part, pick a wedding hairstyle that showcases who you are. Just because it looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it will on you. There is literally an endless amount of wedding hairstyles out there, and one of them is bound to fit your personality. Remember that most wedding hairstyles consist of medium to long lengths, but there are some short ones so there’s no need to worry.

The Classic Chignon Wedding Hairstyles:

will always remain a classic no matter the season or year, mainly because it has a lot of range and flexibility. This hairstyle can be arranged to fit any type of personality or mood. There are low and high chignons, even some with bangs. If you don’t know what a chignon is, here are some instructions on how to create one.

Bridal short wedding hair

First, separate all your hair into two sides down the center and pull your hair where you want the chignon on, whether that’s in the back of your head or to the side.

Second, make two ponytails, one in each hand. Make sure that your hair is smooth and clearly separated.

Third, tie your hair into a loose knot.

Fourth, neatly wrap one side around the other and stick a hairpin in to hold it in place. Do the same thing to the other side and insert another pin.

Fifth, use hairspray to hold the chignon in place, and then you are done! You can add an accessory if you want to, like flower clips or pins.

The Modern Beehive Updo:

is beginning to work its way into the wedding hairstyle popularity list! What’s not to like? It’s sleek, sweeping, neat, and can give more length to your face shape. This updo consists of all your hair to be propped up on your head into a circular wrap-around crown that can be chosen to rise into any height or specific style. For accessories, because of the height, headbands and flower pins are worn or added. The modern beehive requires healthy hair, curling iron or rollers, a brush or comb, bobby pins or clips, and hairstyling spray or mousse.

Half-Up and Down Wedding Hairstyles:

are trendy, modest, and very helpful when you can’t decide whether to go for an updo or to leave it down. A simple way to get this hairstyle is to first, curl all of your hair. Then get two strands of hair that are close to the crown of your head, one from each side. Lastly, just tie or pin it to the head. Accessories like flowers or sparkly pins are sometimes added.

short updo hair

The Curly Side Bun:

is on the roll this year, numerous celebrities have been spotted wearing this hairstyle even to red carpet events. This wedding hairstyle can be sassy depending on how many curls and how curly they are. If you have a lot of hair, getting this sassy look will be easier. For a more soft and sweet appearance, medium lengths are perfect. Pins and hairspray will be needed to make this bun hold up. Remember that the curls don’t have to full but simply wavy. Adding bangs or letting strands of wispy hair to fall out makes this wedding hairstyle appear more natural and beautiful.

The Loose Side Braid:

may sound too simple and plain, but it’s because of the casual and natural appearance that makes it romantic and gentle looking. If you have long hair, this hairstyle will suit you perfectly. Adding thick bangs or side partings will emphasize the beauty of this hairstyle.

Other ideas:

includes the twisted do, when you lift the roots, slicked back or side parted for those with short hair, a neat bun with a flower to the side, and bouncy ringlets or curls. Other techniques that are used in the wedding hairstyle are plaits, pleats, and of course, accessories.

best updo hair

For inspiration or help in choosing a wedding hairstyle, browse through our latest wedding hairstyle pictures. It just might give you a better idea of what kind of best wedding hairstyles for women in 2021 you are searching for. For more advice, ask trusted friends and family members. Remember, when it comes down to it though, it’s your decision on what you want on your special day.



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