Square faces:

Bobs can work magic for this shape, especially curls, choppy ends, layers and bangs. The trick is to bring less attention to your strong jaw-line and soften your features. Other than that, most short haircuts work.

cute short bob hairstyles

New Medium Hairstyles

Can fit everyone and anyone! If you can’t seem to make up your mind between a short or long hairdo, a medium length is ideal for those very reasons. Usually cut from mid-neck to the shoulders,  > Read More

Kick off a new hair trends for 2020, Get the hottest hairstyle and haircuts, Remember that it is okay to be inspired by celebrities for a new hairstyle or an idea of one.

Heart-Shaped faces:

Your goal is to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Avoid thick, heavy bangs, especially short ones. Longer wispy layers, soft side-swept bangs or asymmetrical and blunt cuts are more appropriate, not to mention fun and flirty. See celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston for more inspiration.

Latest Wedding Hairstyles

Every bride wants and deserves the best and most beautiful wedding hairstyle, finding the perfect hairstyle can be a tricky process for many brides as there are just so many options available. Read More

Chic Short Hairstyles for 2020

This style requires a more layered, almost choppy cut, which makes the look edgy. The back of the hair is cut short and the asymmetrical cut in the front frames the face nicely


Those with curly hair better watch out because short hairstyles might not be the best idea. You should tread with caution since curly hair tends to frizzle or become poufy. Tons of layers and thinning of the hair helps a lot. The key is to work with the curls, not against them. Maybe try opting for a medium or long do instead. A short do is possible, just hard to accomplish. 

Chic Short Haircuts

Now, before picking out a hairstyle, remember to consider these three factors:
1. Your Face Shape
2. Your Hair Type & Texture
3. Facial Features you Hate and Like

short hair trends for summer

Short Hair Trends for Summer

What’s hot and what’s not, now that is the question. The heat and humidity is awful as it is every year and people are struggling to find new ways to keep cool. Why not try out one

latest wedding hairstyles
new short hairstyles

Hairstyles for Oval Faces:  

If you have high cheek bones, definitely get a short hairstyle. The short do will most likely accentuate this and can enhance your beauty. Pixie styles and boy cuts work wonderfully.  read more

Totally Cute Pixie Haircut 2020

​will forever and always be the shortest and most classic of all short hairstyles. It could be sexy, slick or sweet depending on how you cut it.

Hairstyles for Diamond Faces

This face shape is similar to the oval; if you have high cheekbones, show it off. Avoid styles that add height and thick bangs. Waves, layers, side parts, and bob cuts work magic  read more

totally cute pixie haircuts

Cute Short Bob Hairstyles 2020

can accentuate, balance a person’s face shape because of the extra long hair to the side. For a more voluminous look, people also add waves, tresses, and curls

New Hairstyles Pictures for 2020, Latest Haircuts for Women

Really Cute Short Haircuts 2020

this crop is way shorter and curlier. With or without the autumn highlights or any really, and this cut, simply getting out of the shower and a quick dry or tousle could do the trick

New Short Hairstyles 2020

Are a rage with their length that reaches just below the chin. This short hairstyle can also be layered, choppy or asymmetrical, meaning one side on the front is longer than the other  > Read More

Hairstyles for Women Over 50

What makes this hairstyle for women really look years younger? Older women always give huge importance to their hairstyle and keep on experimenting with it  >Read More

Long faces:

Fringes, choppy cuts, and textured looks are what you’re aiming you’re your goal is to find hairstyle that adds width. While it’s difficult sometimes to get away with long styles, this is why short haircuts work for long faces. It’s a chance to emphasize that slender face with short curls and waves. Blunt cuts, bobs and rounded do’s work well.

cute short bob hairstyles

Hairstyles for Round Faces

It’s recommended to pick a short hairstyle that can minimize the roundness of the face, not increase it. This can be done with a style with waves or deep bangs. Super short looks are a huge no-no,  read more


Short hairstyles, hands down, do go well with this hair texture. Thin hair is perfect for creating volume by adding wispy bangs or choppy layers. The shag and pixie suits the texture nicely. 


Blunt and asymmetrical cuts were made for this hair texture. Pretty much any short hairstyle can work for this hair texture, but just be sure it suits your face shape also.


This hair type has similar issues that curly hair types have. This shouldn’t be a big problem though because this natural wave can benefit you. 


It’s said that thick hair texture accommodates almost any short hair do. Oh how true that is. Faux hawks, shags, pixies, you name it. All you need is the right cut.

if you love your aqua blue eyes, choose a short do that emphasizes that. Notice how you want to draw attention to your best features, not you’re worst. It’s about bringing the best out of you. Details in number one should help with this.