As we look ahead to the New Year, it’s clear that short blunt haircuts with bangs for 2024 are going to remain massively popular. Over the past several seasons, this style has dominated runways, red carpets, and social media feeds. Celebrity stylist [Name] predicts their reign will continue thanks to the low-maintenance vibe and versatility this cut provides.

“Short blunt bangs allow women to play with different parts, textures, and colors depending on their mood or outfit,” they share. “It’s a style that can be dressed up or down easily, making it perfect for everyday life.” In this post, we’ll break down the different variations on this look that are trending, share tips for styling short blunt bangs, and highlight top products to use. By the end, you’ll be ready to rock this edgy yet oh-so-chic style yourself in 2024.

1. What are the benefits of blunt haircuts with bangs for women?

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Blunt haircuts with bangs are trending right now and for good reason. These styles give a fresh, edgy look to your face without being too drastic. The best thing about these haircuts is that they work on all hair types! Here are some of the best blunt hairstyles from this year’s fashion runways:

-You can style blunt haircuts with bangs as an inverted bob or even get them cut in layers for wavy curls

-Blunt hairstyles are always great for those who want to try something new but don’t want anything too drastic.

The benefits of these types of hair cuts are that not only do they work on short and curly hair, which is typically difficult to manage, but it also adds volume if you have thinning hair! As well as the fact that this haircut will make your eyes pop because there’s more room around the temples now.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book yourself a salon appointment today! With so many different styles available at affordable prices

2. Choosing a style that is right for you!

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– What type of hair do you have?

– How long is your haircuts and what length are you considering?

– Do you want a style that will remain trendy for the next year or two? Is this going to be something more permanent than temporary, like bangs on grown-out blunt haircuts with layers?

3. Tips and tricks on how to maintain your new haircut

– Get a trim every few months to maintain your blunt haircut and keep it looking sleek. As you grow out bangs, they’ll get longer, but with regular trims, you can avoid them getting in the way of your face or covering too much hair.

– When washing your new short hairstyle follow up with a conditioner for curly hair like Herbal Essences Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel so that it will look healthy, shiny, soft, and bouncy!

– For best results use a styling product that matches your natural texture such as Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Flat Iron Protection Hair Cream; this product is designed specifically for flat iron use on wavy/curly hair types because it

4. Different types of cuts available, including asymmetrical, angled, and layered styles

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Asymmetrical: One side of the hair is longer than the other. This can be done on one side or both sides, and it’s a great way to create depth in your hairstyle without losing volume.

– Angled: The angle cut creates dimension with uneven layers at different lengths that add body and movement to thick hair types.

– Layered: These cuts are created by using long layered sections which help make thin hair look fuller while adding angles to straight styles for more texture. Layer through the mid-length to get an asymmetric style, or go all out for dramatic results!

What type of hair is best suited for a blunt cut?

– Thick, wavy, or curly hair that is straightened

– Curly and frizzy hair that has been chemically treated with a relaxer

– Straight hair that is heat styled often

In this post, you will learn how to get the best short blunt haircut for your type of hair. We call it “The Blunt Cut.” This cut can be layered on top of each other – also known as stacking layer.

What kind of hairstyles is allowed in this style? Bangs! If you have bangs then keep them low so they don’t cover up your face too much.


It is clear that short blunt haircuts with bangs are here to stay in 2024, and rightfully so! This trending hairstyle not only makes a bold statement but also offers versatility and ease of maintenance. From the classic blunt bob to the edgy pixie cut, there is a short blunt style with bangs for everyone. This hairstyle has been embraced by celebrities, fashion icons, and everyday individuals alike, proving its universal appeal. And let’s not forget about the added bonus of accentuating facial features such as cheekbones and eyes.

Short blunt haircuts with bangs are truly transformative and can help boost confidence and make a statement when entering any room. So if you’re looking for a new look or simply want to switch things up, consider giving this trend a try in 2024 – you won’t regret it! Embrace your natural beauty and rock a short blunt haircut with bangs confidently. With endless styling options and no shortage of inspiration out there, the possibilities are endless with this chic and stylish look. So go ahead and book that salon appointment or grab some scissors yourself – it’s time to join the short blunt hair trend!


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