On your big day, you want to look and feel like the absolute best version of yourself – That every last detail is perfect. When planning a wedding, choosing how you wear your hair is one of the top decisions. Whether you should go with an up-do or opt for having your hair down can be overwhelming, so with that in mind we have put together some helpful advice on deciding between these two options – so read on to find out what style will suit your special day!

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1. When the best time to have your hair up or down for a wedding?

should i have my hair down for my wedding
Should I have my hair down for my wedding

– It depends. For my wedding, I had it pulled back in an updo with curled ends to create the look of waves cascading from the top of my head and carrying out as far as they could reach. This was perfect for me because it looked natural and made all day long, but other people prefer to wear their hair up or down on their big day.

– There is no right answer here! You should do whatever makes you comfortable and happy at your wedding. Some brides like to wear their hair up so that it’s not flying around everywhere while others want to feel freer by wearing their locks loose during this special occasion. The choice is yours.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each hairstyle?

– The updo simplifies your hair before the ceremony and makes it easier to take care of. You should probably go with an updo if you want a lot of volume, but for those who don’t care for any fuss or feel their hair will be too heavy at this time, they should opt for something simpler such as braiding in back.

– On the other hand, wearing down is perfect for people that have curly hair because not only does it allow them to flaunt natural curls, but frees them from worrying about what type of hairstyle should I wear on my wedding day? Curls should be styled before the day, but should not be too large or complex to avoid tangles.

3. How can I make sure my hair looks its best on my big day?

should i have my hair up for my wedding
Should I have my hair up for my wedding

– Avoid getting a hair cut too short or cutting your tresses off completely. A good rule of thumb is to keep the length at least mid-back length (about four inches below shoulder) so you should have enough for braiding

– If you’re having some difficulty with deciding what style I should choose, it’s best to go in for a trial run and see which one suits your face shape and personality better. Scrunches are perfect if you want something makeshift that will be easy to wear but also provide volume on top of an updo; these could make great additions to decorations like bows on headbands, bouquets, flowers in hair, etc…

4. What should I do if I don’t know what style to pick?

If you’re not sure what style to pick and don’t have a clear preference, talk to your stylist Most should be able to recommend the best hairstyle for your face shape or skin tone, without pushing any one particular look on you.

–  I should get my hair up or down?

– Should I wear it in an updo like this? Or should I just let it flow loose?”

– “What should I do if I don’t know what style to pick?”

“I am trying different styles but I’m still undecided.”

5. Cost of Getting Your Hair Done for a Wedding

The price of haircuts can be anywhere from $? for long hair and the style you want. And that doesn’t even include the cost of extensions (which can run another couple hundred dollars). It is important to consider a budget for the wedding, which also includes items like getting your nails done or doing makeup.

6. Tips for styling long, short, curly, or straight hair when you’re getting married in 2023

wedding hairstyles for long hair
Wedding hairstyles for long hair

If you’ve ever worried about how to style your hair for a wedding, then we should talk! We have some perfect suggestions and tips on how to get the look that suits you best. Whether it’s long or short hair, curly or straight, we can assure you this will be one of your easiest decisions yet.

The first thing is deciding… should I wear my hair up or down? If you are still not sure what would suit you better, take into consideration where the ceremony is taking place – think hot summer day vs. cold winter night.

 If there’s any breeze around during your outdoor daytime affair (12noon), go with an updo by using extensions if necessary. This way all those locks won’t go flying around and you can avoid the frizz.

For a nighttime wedding (around dinner time), it should be easy to make your own decision! Keep hair up for a more relaxed, romantic look, or curl into an updo if you want something fancier with lots of volumes.


As a 2023 bride, you have plenty of time to decide if you should wear your hair up or down for your wedding day. Ultimately it will come down to the feel and look of the hairstyle that works best with your dress and the overall aesthetic of your special day. To decide which style to go with, consider seeking professional help from a stylist who can help advise and provide guidance on what will make you feel most beautiful. Not only that, but ensure you try a few different styles before deciding on the final look so that you’re happy with the results on the wedding day! Before taking the plunge, explore options, and don’t commit until you’re sure it’s as you envisioned. After all, the wedding is yours to create in whatever way suits you, and ultimately how perfect your hair looks all ties into, groundbreaking, and sensational your special occasion will be.


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